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FINALLY - A compression brace that is comfortable to wear and has the adjustability your CP child needs!

Hands free walking for pediatric CP

Introducing our NEW, REVOLUTIONARY T2 Mobility Base
Click to see the T2 Mobility base in action
Click to see the T2 Mobility base in action
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Do you suffer from pain or numbness associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ? Click here to learn about the revolutionary Carpal Rx
Our goal at Sky Medical is to help children with Cerebral Palsy and other neuromotor impairments gain access to an upright hands free environment that will increase their activity levels and participation in Life!
NEW - Compression-Brace
8.30am - 4.30pm EST
Before you browse our site,
allow us to introduce our NEW, Revolutionary Mobility Base !!
to SEE the "T2" mobility base in action
NEW - Carpal Rx