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The Taos is a very useful tool for many families who have children with special needs.  As with any tool, the more you understand how it works the better you will be at using it.  We will be posting a new section to our website, youtube channel and facebook page, which is a series of videos that will help give you ideas of different activities to engage in while in the Taos.  Hopefully there will be a new video every week or so to give you a fresh look at using the system.  If any of you have activities that you enjoy with your child in the Taos, let us know so we can share with other Taos families!!!!

Please remember that we are here to help you!!!!!!  Everyone needs help, motivation or just a word of encouragement from time to time.  We are here to field any questions you may have about the Taos or its uses.  Please feel free to contact us any time.  (888 -769-6084,  Chris@Taos1.com,  facebook “TAOS1”, youtube “TAOS enables”)

We look forward to hearing from all of you!!!!!

I want a TAOS but do not know of a TAOS provider / I live outside the USA

Below are some details about the TAOS and steps you can take to obtain one.

United State candidates:

Unlike other equipment, the TAOS is a custom orthosis that works together with a mobile base to achieve proper alignment in a weight bearing, upright, hands free safe environment. Being that the TAOS is a custom orthosis at its core, it is fit and billed by an orthotist using standard billing codes. In the United States, this means that it is covered 100% by Medicaid and most major insurance carriers with little to no out-of-pocket cost to the family. This also does not hamper the family’s ability to obtain other types of equipment they family may need. We like to think of the TAOS as just another tool for the families to use with their kiddo instead of always using the wheelchair or stroller for school, outdoor activities, mall or trip to the grocery store. As the TAOS makes a great ‘walker’ it also makes an awesome stander. The rear wheels lock and the mast portion can be swiveled to the side so the child can get right up to a counter top, dry erase board, deck, table etc….

If you currently have an orthotist that you use for your child’s braces, then contact us! It may possible for that orthotist (or similar) to be certified with our web-based (internet) course. If you do not have an orthotist please contact us for options.

International candidates:

If you are interested in obtaining a TAOS contact us so we can discuss 1 or 3 options;

Locate the closest TAOS provider.

Discuss potential training of your current medical provider or physio-therapist

We have also had families from outside the US travel directly to Miami Florida where we are located as we have providers in this area.



You can also see additional information and videos at the links below;

TAOS1.com; “like” this one


You can also join the TAOS group and add me; Taos Chris

TAOS group page: please join


My page; Taos Chris add me!


www.TAOS1.com where you can find the testimonial page. You can read through some of the testimonials and see how the TAOS has changed many lives

TAOS on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TAOSenables



Chris Appet

Director of Sales and Marketing



Is the TAOS a gait trainer?

A Gait trainer provides a special needs child a structural support to help promote gait. In many instances it can be readily adjusted to be used by any number of children. The TAOS, although similar in some ways to a gait trainer, is much different overall.

Unlike A Gait trainer:

* The TAOS is a custom orthosis that is manufactured specifically to fit your child comfortably and correct any alignment issues he may have.

* In addition if your child has any upper body strength deficiencies, the TAOS orthosis will be manufactured such that any extra support and positioning your child needs will be provided.

* The TAOS is custom fit by an orthotist who is specifically trained to provide optimal fit for your child.

* The TAOS, when properly adjusted, will ensure your child’s feet are positioned directly under their center of gravity, in a more natural upright position. So the TAOS enables mobility without sacrificing good body position (The TAOS prevents children from getting into an unnatural, exaggerated forward lean often seen with a gait trainer)

* The TAOS ensures your child’s muscles are working in the natural progression of gait since their feet, knees and hips are correctly positioned.

* The TAOS alignment capabilities protects your child’s joints from unnatural loading of his knees hips and ankles.