TAOS Memorial Day Weekend PHOTO CONTEST!

Greetings to all of our TAOS family’s,

We are having a TAOS photo contest! Everyone will be enjoying a long holiday weekend celebrating the coming of summer. Make it a point to get outside with your kiddo’s and make sure you have your camera 😉

Submit a photo to our facebook page or email to chris@TAOS1.com  from the weekend doing some kind of summer activity while in the TAOS;

  • Picnics
  • Parades
  • Beach trip
  • Park visit
  • Car wash

Be creative and have FUN!

1st and 2nd place will receive a Walmart gift card!TAOS_Carwash

Enjoy the weekend and be safe,


Cerebral Palsy / Special Needs Community Networking

Greetings to all of our TAOS families!

We would like to ask for your help. We have been providing the TAOS to families with children with special needs for over 8 years.  However we are surprised at how many people we run into, even today, that have never heard about the system.

One family in particular expressed how disappointed they were that they were not made aware of the TAOS 4 years ago when their son was trying to walk.  That was 4 missed years that he could have been in the system improving his strength, coordination, health and of course having a great time.

We would really appreciate your help in spreading the word through your parent networks, social media, forums or providing us with ideas of how to get the word out to families who could potentially benefit from the TAOS. 

We understand the TAOS is not for every family.  However, if people are not aware of the system at all, they can’t even evaluate if it would be good for their situation or not.  Please help us with informing others about the TAOS so we can see if the TAOS would be a good fit for their family.

As always, please contact us with questions, comments or issues. We are on Facebook and now on twitter! Look us up and “like” or “follow”.

Best Regards,

Chris and the whole TAOS team




SONY DSC C  0117


Taos – Parent Resources

The Taos is a very useful tool for many families who have children with special needs.  As with any tool, the more you understand how it works the better you will be at using it.  We will be posting a new section to our website, youtube channel and facebook page, which is a series of videos that will help give you ideas of different activities to engage in while in the Taos.  Hopefully there will be a new video every week or so to give you a fresh look at using the system.  If any of you have activities that you enjoy with your child in the Taos, let us know so we can share with other Taos families!!!!

Please remember that we are here to help you!!!!!!  Everyone needs help, motivation or just a word of encouragement from time to time.  We are here to field any questions you may have about the Taos or its uses.  Please feel free to contact us any time.  (888 -769-6084,  Chris@Taos1.com,  facebook “TAOS1”, youtube “TAOS enables”)

We look forward to hearing from all of you!!!!!

New Products Coming

Keep your eyes open for some new products and upgrades to the Taos system. In the next couple of months you will see some upgrades to the TCO (Taos Custom Orthosis) and the release of the long awaited second generation base that can accommodate larger children with cerebral palsy. This second generation base will still have all of the features to assist in hands free ambulation for your child but functions more effectively in the seated position than our first generation. The website www.taos1.com is going to be redone to help show these new products as well as provide users with resources to make their Taos experience as productive as possible.