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The TAOS is a unique mobility tool for your families with special needs children. Pediatric patients with Cerebral palsy or other diagnoses such as spina bifida, Rhett syndrome and downs syndrome can benefit from the regular use of the hands free TAOS. (We have even had blind children successfully utilize the TAOS.) It can serve to supplement the therapy you provide in your office with upright activities for children at the home or school. With a relatively small amount or training, parents or aids can learn how to don the orthosis and then dock it to the mobility base ready for a variety of fun activities. In your office The TAOS Orthosis can be used in conjunction with another mobility device such as the Lite Gait or posterior walker. The alignment it provides frees up the therapists hands since they are not fighting alignment issues. OT’s also like the positioning aspect of the TAOS. They can work on hand activities while the child is in a safe, aligned, hands free environment. The TAOS can also give Home Based therapists another tool for their home therapy sessions.

Children can readily be raised into a standing weight bearing ambulatory position or lowered to a sitting position for rest or sitting activities. All of this is done while the child’s body is held safely in alignment with their hands free for use in activities. (Children who require AFO’s can utilize them while in the TAOS). Even children who can’t bear all of their weight can utilize the system since it can be adjusted to allow for partial weight bearing activities. Specialized control settings on the base can help ensure that the child’s feet are maintained under their center of gravity to promote better weight bearing and gait. (No feet trailing the torso in an exaggerated forward lean like we might see in a gait trainer or walker.) Most insurance companies along with Medicare and Medicaid cover the cost of the TAOS.

The physical and health benefits in using the TAOS are tremendous. We have found that the emotional impact to the children is perhaps even greater because of the pride and sense of accomplishment they feel from their newfound abilities, sense of mobility and independence. The TAOS is fit to your patients by an orthotist who has successfully completed a rigorous training program.

For more information about the TAOS please give us a call. We understand the importance of matching the right product with the right family and child. The TAOS doesn’t make sense for every special needs child. We will do our best to help you determine if the TAOS makes sense for your patient.
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