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The parent does a lot of the work here. The paddle is moved to one side holding one leg in extension. The child is then encouraged to move the non-weight bearing leg forward. Move the paddle to the other side holding the other leg in extension. This can be repeated often to allow the child to absorb the pattern of gait.

Balloon fun
Batting a regular old balloon about is great at keeping the attention of a child and working head/trunk muscles. You can play "soccer" and head the balloon back and forth too.

Rock and Roll
Roll the TAOS base to place the child off balance (or rock it back and forth.) They need to right themselves on their own to a standing position. This is a starting point for balance.

Reach out and touch someone
Place a person or object just out of reach for the child to go to. Something to motivate the child and give them a reason to get from here to there is many times helpful.

Run me over
This is a variation on the above. Stand or sit in front of the TAOS. With one step the front comes into contact with you and the child has success. Playful talk and acting make this a hit for many children. (I bet you can't hit me! ) (I am going to take a nap right here in front of you! Snore! what was that!!!!!)

Back up the truck
Moving backwards is common for emerging walkers. With the cords all off it is easier for them to push. Encourage this so the child can see they are in control of their own movement. Try to phase it out in favor of forward movement once they are motivated.

Ring the Bell
Having a goal and marking success is important. If a bell is a few steps away they can ring it once they put a few steps together.

One Two Three
Count any steps the child takes. Even if the child has two left footed strides in a row count that as 2. Once the child has success and gets the hang of this you can limit good steps to a left/right combination.

Stand by me
Use the TAOS as a stander to have the child by your side working with you. They will be improving head and trunk control while they get the emotional boost of helping.

Play with the dog using the TAOS.

Toy on a Table
With no cords to limit movement have the child play with a toy on a table top. Many times they will get excited during play and activate their leg muscles moving them away from the toy. They then need to move themselves back into position.

Make a Mess
This is a variation of the above. Open a drawer for the child to empty out. (clothing not knives)

Meet a friend
Go outside to greet a friend or family member coming home from school. If you can't walk just stand in the shade and wait. A regular outing that the child looks forward to is a great way to make exercise fun!

Crank the tunes and move. Just shift weight and move the arms. Good weight bearing exercise.
Special rule for this one : everyone must dance.

Activities - Early Walking

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Early walking ability

Always try to make TAOS time into play time. The more we can hide exercise and therapy behind games and sport the more we tend to work out.