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For an orthotist, the TAOS provides you another orthotic option to utilize for some of your patient population that have neuromotor impairments such as Cerebral Palsy. For those non ambulatory patients in the past, your orthotic intervention was limited to AFO’s and possibly anti-contraction bracing.

The TAOS is an additional tool you can utilize to provide these children the ability to function in an upright environment with their hands free. Because of the orthotic component of our system, you will ensure that your patient is bearing weight properly through their anatomy with correct alignment. The upright activities that TAOS patients can be involved in are a tremendous help to both their physical and emotional well being. It is very rewarding for an orthotist to finally be able to provide their patients with an orthosis that can actually enable them to function more independently in their environment.

In order to fit a TAOS you will need to complete an approved ABC certification course that will teach you all you will need to know about fitting, adjusting and maintaining the system.

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