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Get a spinner or bubble blowing toy. Have your child blow while standing for better control and workout of diaphragm. Hold the toy for the child to ensure they work on good posture.

Hold on now
Have your child hold onto a toy or other fun object with one hand. Try the other hand. Try a two handed object.

Yo Adrian
Get a yo-yo and wind it up. Have your child stand with their head up and arm out. Place the wound yo-yo on their finger and let go. (you may need to shorten the string) If you get a yo-yo you are lucky. Like most the string will unwind and hopefully climb up part way a few times. Rewind and repeat.

Make some noise
Have your child up to a table and place objects to play with. A little drumming or xylophone is tons of fun. Encourage a heads up posture. Please limit this activity to preserve your sanity.

Dexterity challenge
Place objects on a table for your child to play with. Have them move them from place to place.

Rock and Roll
Have your child stand with their feet in their best standing position. The more weight bearing, the better. Gently roll them forward a few inches. Have them center themselves with their feet back under them. Repeat as often as you can. You can also gently push them back a few inches.

Heads up
Look forward and high to exaggerate good posture. Look at things high and left, then high and right.

Watch me/TV
The goal here is to have them track you as you do your normal activities. Maybe you are putting the dishes away, or washing the car. Have them follow you. Miss a spot on the car intentionally and have them find it. (With my car it is easy to find since the dirt is significant.) If you have your child watch TV, place the TV high to encourage good posture.

Half and half
Use just the orthotic half of the TAOS to position your child. Having the orthotic keep legs and feet in a good position is a good idea even if you are not using the wheeled base. You can walk with your child with you giving support instead of the base. Sometimes a new thing gives you unique results. Give it a try.

Crank the tunes and move. Just shift weight and move the arms. Good weight bearing exercise.
Special rule for this one : everyone must dance.

Activities - Standing

Special Needs child standing in TAOS system
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Stander mode

The TAOS can be used as a stander to help work on knee flexion contractures and help with awareness. Standing has many physiological benefits as well. The knee cords are shortened to extend the knees to a normal stance or as close as you can. Some children have very bent knees and will have to work on extending them over time.