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I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to come down to Daytona and Palm Coast to work with Kimberly and the TAOS. Kimberly is finally moving on her own. I thought you might enjoy this news of Kimberly's First steps on her own with the TAOS. She stayed in the TAOS for two hours and would have stayed longer if I let her. She is so loving each moment. May God bless all involved in developing and getting this product out there. I can't wait to show her Orthopedic surgeon. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. She loves it. I will keep you both posted on her progress.
Susan M. FL / Parent

Kary A. is a 5 1/2 year-old-girl with (dystonic) tetraplegic CP. The TAOS has really opened up huge, new opportunities for Kary in a multitude of ways, and her self-esteem is flourishing!
Diane S, IL / PT

We love the TAOS. We have tried many different walkers for our daughter Madelyn. This is the first one that she has taken steps on her own in. We were told Madelyn would never walk again. It was the sweetest thing to see her up and walking with no assistance. She took 9 steps before stopping, this TAOS walker has helped her like nothing else could. Thank you for designing a product that helped our daughter walk again. The Lord has given you the talent to help many children and we are grateful that God directed our therapist to you.
Rhonda, NC / Parent

The TAOS is the best thing that has happened for my grandson, Oakley. He got his walker a week ago and we take it everywhere with us. He has the biggest smile on his face. I never thought the day would come that he would be able to walk. With the help of our new friends from Sky Medical and the TAOS he has many many more days of happiness coming his way. Thank you guys so very much.
Celena, Aiken SC / Grandparent

Just put my patient Noah J into the Taos, and had so much fun. He did great, and it was very easy to get him into it. His babysitter easily manages getting him in and out of the TAOS. He was able to walk and play Wii in it...great! Now that his hands are free, he is a new boy! Thank the guys for me, for developing such a wonderful orthotic device! Thanks!
Nancy Wolff M.S,P.T , PeeWee PT Inc GA

I have tried many different therapies with Grayson during her lifetime. I have taken her to Michigan whilst she was 3 and Mississippi when she was 4 through 5. She now has therapy twice a week. She has been unable to sit unassisted or walk unassisted. When I saw the TAOS, I felt she would have independence that she had never known. During her first day in the TAOS, she didn't even want to come out of it. Back at school, she walked into her classroom with pride and independence that she had always yearned for. She walked all over the gym that day and even went from class to class to show her friends and teachers. Grayson has gained a huge amount of trunk control since using the TAOS. She is now sitting unassisted for a few minutes at a time. After waiting 6 years to see my child achieve this, a few minutes at a time is a huge accomplishment. Grayson is even standing for longer lengths of time at therapy. She is taking steady steps and not scissoring her feet near as much when walking. I would highly recommend the TAOS if you are a parent looking for your child to gain strength and independence. Thanks TAOS!
Sheri , Centre AL / Parent

Just a quick note from Ronald and Penny, parents of Dante. We received our TAOS system in TN today (8/20/10). We were surprised at the corrections it made in Dante's scissoring. The help with weight bearing is exactly what he needs. As his therapist said, "It's that extra set of hands we always need!". Dante could hardly wait to get home and show everyone in the family how he planned to walk. He already does good and if a little practice will improve his current walking it will be outstanding. All his friends and everyone at school are already encouraging him! Please let the rest of the TAOS team know how much we appreciate their kindness and expertise. It is obvious that your entire development team has the desire to see our kids perform at their best to overcome any obstacles they might encounter. What a wonderful way to change the world. Thank you so much for the great work you do.
Ronald & Penny , Kingsport TN / Parents

Thanks to you, my daughter has the gift of walking on her 5th birthday!
Alma , Houston TX / Parent

The TAOS was a huge success. We directly credit it with Cameron's progress.
Rick , Phoenix AZ / Parent

On your website, you have a picture of a young girl her name is Ashley, I am the gentleman in the picture behind her. I wanted to let you know we have been using the TAOS walker for almost 1 year with modifications and fitting adjustments along the way. Ashley the young girl in the picture is in the TAOS walking brace at least 5 days per week in which she is weight bearing and walking around the house--playing hide and seek, doing laundry and walking on a treadmill. She is on her feet for about 20-30 minutes each time. I do have video of her walking and the progress she has made has been tremendous. At first she could only make 5-10 steps, now she can do 100 steps on a treadmill at .5 mph. Even as I write this, we are preparing to walk in the TAOS tonight.
Scott Malone M.S.P.T / Parent

Sky Medical and all of it's staff have been a pleasure to work from the first phone call I made inquiring about the TAOS system. Todd and Tony flew from Florida to Monroe, New York to present the staff with an in-service on how to use the equipment while they trained the orthotist we use and fit two of our children. It was such a joy to see both of these children upright and moving for the first time "independently". The TAOS has given these children a chance to interact daily on the same level as the other children in their classes and has given them the chance to move without the hands of someone else assisting them or moving them. The orthotic design assists the children by having then in proper alignment,and the design of the paddle system gives the children a similar assist as the hands of a therapist therefore facilitating a reciprocal gait pattern. I can't say enough about how happy this system has made these children and to see their smiles makes all the work that they have to do worth it!! We can't wait to use the TAOS with other children in the school.
Robin S. Tamburino PTA

Sky Medical is a terrific company to work with. I find them to be proactive and innovative when it comes to the design of products for the children that I work with. In particular, the TAOS is designed like no other hands-free walker. The alignment that it provides is critical to helping the children develop strength and better motor patterns. The unique paddle design actually imitates what I do as a therapist with my hands. It draws one leg into extension while the other leg moves forward into flexion, thus facilitating the reciprocal pattern of gait. The sit to stand feature is also a big plus. Many parents have commented on how much easier it is to get their child into the device. It also helps the child learn to perform the sit to stand and stand to sit transfer with appropriate alignment. The TAOS is an excellent therapeutic tool. It is wonderful for children of varying abilities. I have used it with children who walk with assistive devices. It helps gain better coordination, strength, symmetry, and an improved gait pattern. I have also used it with children who have difficulty with head control and have no form of independent mobility. It has been an absolute thrill to see these children get up on their feet, hold their heads up and start taking steps! For these children it opens up a whole new world, and I am seeing gains in postural control as well as joy with life.
Suzanne Davis RPT / Parent

Ethan is doing wonderfully in the TAOS and is extremely motivated. Ethan loves his TAOS and in fact asks to be in it every day, and refused to let Mom take him out of it at the end of the appointment ! Thanks for everything
Karen Pung, CPO

Having worked for 25 years as an Orthotist specializing in Pediatrics, I can attest to the fact that the TAOS walker is one of the finest therapy products available for children diagnosed with cerebral Palsy that I have found. It is designed for ease of use not only for the children but by the caregivers, parents and therapists. During my career I have fit some three hundred children with various types of walkers and have found the TAOS walker by Sky Medical Inc., far advanced in both design and function. The TAOS walker is an important therapy tool that provides numerous physiological benefits and because it is a "hands free" design it greatly improves the children's ability to interact socially with their peers. There is simply no other product that comes close to providing all the elements needed to support the children's activities whether it be at home or in the school environment.
Peter Bukacheski , Licensed Orthotist

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