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Is the TAOS a gait trainer?

Gait Trainer
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A Gait trainer provides a special needs child a structural support to help promote gait. In many instances it can be readily adjusted to be used by any number of children. The TAOS, although similar in some ways to a gait trainer, is much different overall.

Unlike A Gait trainer:

* The TAOS is a custom orthosis that is manufactured specifically to fit your child comfortably and correct any alignment issues he may have.

* In addition if your child has any upper body strength deficiencies, the TAOS orthosis will be manufactured such that any extra support and positioning your child needs will be provided.

* The TAOS is custom fit by an orthotist who is specifically trained to provide optimal fit for your child.

* The TAOS, when properly adjusted, will ensure your child’s feet are positioned directly under their center of gravity, in a more natural upright position. So the TAOS enables mobility without sacrificing good body position (The TAOS prevents children from getting into an unnatural, exaggerated forward lean often seen with a gait trainer)

* The TAOS ensures your child’s muscles are working in the natural progression of gait since their feet, knees and hips are correctly positioned.

* The TAOS alignment capabilities protects your child’s joints from unnatural loading of his knees hips and ankles.
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