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Benefits of the TAOS

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The TAOS can provide benefits to children who have varying levels of functional capabilities. Most importantly the TAOS provides children who normally are not in an upright hands free environment the ability to do so. This upright activity is critical for many different body functions. Various systems in our bodies such as the digestive system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system, rely on upright activity to function in the way they were intended. Proper bone growth and joint development are also dependent on upright weight bearing that we get when we stand. Most importantly, the TAOS provides children with a fantastic new way to explore their surroundings. The wide range of new activities the TAOS provides children has a tremendous impact on their self esteem. The Impact on the sense of accomplishment children experience with the TAOS, is immeasurable.
Covered by most state Medicaid and private insurance providers
Provides a safe upright hands free environment
Enables your child to enhance their ambulatory skills
Builds self esteem and independence
Improves range of motion
Improves head and trunk control and overall strength.
If you have questions concerning how the TAOS might benefit your child please call Sky Medical so we can answer all of your questions.

8.30am - 4.30pm EST