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Do ... Make sure Therapists / Caregivers at the school are trained by TAOS providers to ensure proper use... Parents training school staff is not recommended regardless of how adept they are with the system.

Do ... Supervise the child at all times when they are in the system.

Do ... Make sure all safety straps are properly attached and adjusted.

Do ... Utilize the TAOS for relatively short periods of time at first checking to ensure that no redness, excessive fatigue, or poor blood circulation is present. Over the course of days and weeks SLOWLY increase the time spent in the system. The children need to "get in shape" while using the TAOS. Overuse, like over training, can be detrimental.

Do ... Integrate specific activities for use in the TAOS to take advantage of the hands free upright posture it provides. PT and OT input are crucial for providing guidance for what type of activities make sense for the child.

Do ... Try to integrate appropriate TAOS activities each day for the child to maximize benefits


Don't ... Leave children in a stationary position for extended periods of time in the TAOS. The TAOS is designed to maximize activities for children who are unable to support and control their own weight in an upright hands free position. Stationary upright activities should be limited to lengths of times similar to that which you would recommend putting the child in a stander. (Perhaps even less time than a stander since the TAOS requires more effort by the child to maintain body position than the typical stander does.)

Don't ... Allow rough housing around the TAOS to avoid hurting the child in the system or children surrounding the system.

Don't ... Utilize the system where the ground is uneven or near stairs or drops of any type.

Don't ... Take the system into the snow or rain.

Use of the TAOS in a school setting

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