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TCO - TAOS Custom Orthosis
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The Taos Custom Orthosis: The TCO provides your child with a number of very important features that will allow him of her to engage in upright weight bearing activities that are very important for your child’s health.

1: Alignment of hip, knee and ankle joints. Our body was designed to bear weight with our joints in a very specific position. Most of the children we fit with the TCO have alignment problems with one or more of these joints. The TCO puts your child’s joints in as proper alignment as possible allowing the joints to function more normally and avoid damage from weight bearing.  The orthosis also blocks leg scissoring which hamper s your child’s ability to walk.

2: Thoracic Control: Weight bearing and upright activity is not as beneficial if we have poor posture and trunk positioning. Part of the benefit of the upright weight bearing activities is to work the muscles in the torso. This will help to increase strength and control but will also assist the digestive process.

3: RGO (Reciprocating Gait Orthosis): Many of the children we help have limited or early stage ambulation skills. Of ten the pattern of foot over foot “walking” has not yet been learned. The Taos TCO can be outfitted with a specialized hip joint assembly that will make it a reciprocating gait orthosis. Effectively as one leg flexes to take a step the other is extended in a reward direction. This can aid in developing gait for the child and also helps provide a good stretch for the hip flexors.
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TAOS Custom Orthosis