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Do all children walk in the TAOS?
It's important to understand that no two children are alike. Immediately following the initial fitting, many children are capable of ambulating beyond expectations. Other children require a bit more time to adapt to the TAOS system. However all children will benefit by regular use, gaining strength, flexibility, independent mobility and the opportunity to interact with family and peers.

Will the TAOS teach my child to walk independently?
The TAOS supports, aligns and guides the legs to help create a better gait pattern. The at-home physical exercise in the TAOS extends the child's therapy beyond the clinic, maximizing the potential of the child. The extra therapy / exercise of using the TAOS may be what a high functioning child needs to walk. However, a better gauge success is typically to look for improvements in gait strength, flexibility, emotional well being and overall improvement of health.

What age is the TAOS made for?
Early intervention in care is best. We have fit children as young as 18 months to 23 years of age. The TAOS was designed to accommodate a large range in children's and young adult sizes. There is an upper limit however of 5 feet and a weight of 120 lbs. Please contact us for specific recommendations. The TAOS is an effective means of assisting in remediating delays in child development.

In what environment can the TAOS be effectively used?
We have found that there are many different environments when a child can use the TAOS. Having children use the device in their schools adds a strong element of compatibility with their peers. The home environment is ideal so that the child may interact with siblings and contribute to daily activity. Upright mobility allows children to meaningfully partake in family day to day activities. Parents are taking their child to the zoo, park, mall, or just a walk around the block.

Can this be used at therapy?
Yes, we recommend the TAOS be used wherever possible. The TAOS was designed to be used at home by parents to give children extra practice and exercise. If the school or private therapist would like to use the TAOS in their setting that will add to the effectiveness. The TAOS does not take the place of a therapist or therapy. It is to be used in addition to the many beneficial activities given by healthcare professionals.

Do state Medicaid and private pay insurance programs cover the cost of the TAOS?
Yes. In most instances we have found that state Medicaid programs as well as private pay insurers cover the entire cost of the TAOS. Occasionally there is a co pay involved.

Is the TAOS suitable for my child?
Our experience is that most children benefit significantly from regular use of the TAOS. Contact Sky Medical Inc. for further information regarding patient qualifications. Our toll free number is 888-769-6084 or email ChrisA@TAOS1.com

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